Upcoming Projects/Media! 

Wild Animals 

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Director: Juan Pablo Daranas Molina [FILA 20]
Writer: Juan Pablo Daranas Molina
Producer: Bianca Di Marco [FILA 20]
Cast: Lucie Allouche, Charlotte Hacke, Amir Mosallaie, Enmanuel Galban, Ella Rivers
Wild Animals is a character-driven feature drama about five long-time friends whose vacations turn sour after they lose their two dogs in the woods. The search for their pets will resurface old tensions, animosities, and affairs within the group.

{Currently in production!}

Blame Them

Blame Them is a complex comedy examining a teenager’s lack of sexual education and communication skills when confronted with an STI. It explores shame, peer pressure and lack of agency in young women's complicated relationship to sex in an effort to reframe how we talk about sexual health.

PJ Grisar, Forward

Directed by Eliza McKenna
Written by Eleanor Greene 
Cast: Lucie Allouche, Eleanor Greene, Ellis Cox-McAllister, and Katie Rodgers
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The Dybbuk 

Directed by Jesse Freeman 
Adapted by David Mandelbaum 
Written by S. Ansky 
Performed at Theater for A New City in conjunction with New Yiddish Rep 
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Theater Pizzazz, Myra Chanin
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The Reviews Hub, Carrie Lee O’Dell
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The Talmud 

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Directed by Jesse Freedman 

Produced by Target Margin Theater and Meta-Phys Ed

Target Margin Theater, September 12-28, 2019

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Raison D'être: an Evening with Pirandello 


Directed by Patrick Mulryan 

Produced by Jennifer Jewell (J. Jewell Productions)

Choreographed by Allison Plamondon

Theater 71 at Church of the Blessed Sacrament, September 20-29th, 2018

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Bob Dreyfuss, Picture This Post, New York

Austin Fimmano, Plays to See, New York

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Mark Savitt, Hi!Drama, New York 

"Along with the compelling Ms. Jewell, the strongest players were: Brian Linden (father), Lucie Allouche (Step-Daughter), Melissa Eddy Quilty (Madame Pace), and Rachel Lauren James (Nada)."

LindaAnn LoSchiavo, L'idea Magazine, Italy